Lauren’s Tale

The Happily Ever After League (HEAL) was founded in 2004 by Lauren Daniels after she was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 35. Lauren had a bilateral mastectomy, reconstruction surgery and a hysterectomy.

At the time of her surgery her children ranged in age from 1 to 11. She felt very lucky to have a wonderful support system of family and friends to help her through her recovery. Lauren realized that cancer is never welcome at any age, being a mom with cancer and children to care for comes with a whole different set of obstacles.

Lauren realized that her breast cancer diagnosis actually brought her to her life’s work. She truly believes that everything happens for a reason and all of her life experiences prepared her for the work she would do with HEAL. She is known for her willingness and desire to always help others so it was no surprise to her family and friends when she decided to start the Happily Ever After League just six months after her cancer diagnosis.

She is inspired by the mother’s HEAL serves and knows first hand that the entire family unit is directly affected by cancer. Lauren is grateful for the communites financial support that is directly passed on to HEAL moms. A bright spot for her is the HEALing House. She feels small miracles occur at each event that takes place there.