The HEALing House

When Happily Ever After League Founder and President, Lauren Daniels began the organization in 2004, she knew she ultimately wanted a healing “home” for the many women and families she would be getting to know.

During our first four years HEAL was in operation numerous women received monetary assistance. In October 2007 we put the original vision into action, supporting the entire family by opening the HEALing House. This home supports the Happily Ever After League’s mission of providing assistance to moms recovering from cancer.

Additionally, the goal of The HEALing House is to improve the quality of life for mothers and their families while dealing with the challenges of a cancer diagnosis. We provide programs for moms, dads, teens and children and our monthly social and educational events offer a safe, warm environment for all participants. Go to our house events page for a complete list of upcoming events.

For more information about the HEALing House send email to Colleen Katz at