The Healing Farm Emotional Support Staff

Hi, my name is Lord Hamilton but my friends call me Hammy. I am the Director of Emotional Support for the Happily Ever After League. I am a micro pig and I was born on August 14, 2015. I live with Lauren, the Founder of HEAL, and her family, but you often can find me working during the week at the HEALing House. I’m almost always at the House events too. I am in charge of bringing smiles to our HEAL families and volunteers and I love making new friends. My favorite thing to do is to show off my tricks! I can sit, spin, give a high five and play the piano with my snout. I also like to go for walks but always on a leash!

I hope you’ll stop by the HEALing House and see me some time. Check back here to watch me grow up and see how I do my very important job. One pig really can make a difference!!

Check out the Lord Hamilton Instagram Here!


We Welcome Butch & Chance To The Healing Farm!

The Healing Farm has been a long-time dream of Founder, Lauren Daniels. Her goal was to bring emotion support to HEAL Moms and their families through animals who have such healing properties.
This started 4 years ago with the addition of HEAL’s mini pig, Lord Hamilton, Director of Emotional Support.
In 2019, through the generous offer of HEAL friends and supporters, the Kelly family offered to share their barn with us to house our two mini therapy horses, Butch and Chance.