Giving Thanks and A Happy Holiday for HEAL

I would like to first start by thanking Martha Clark of Clark Creative and April Holle of Made Better Studio for setting up our amazing new website and blog feature. Many, many hours of hard work went into this project and we are very excited with the end result!

It is certainly a festive time of year!  The holidays make us grateful in many ways and heighten our senses. I have spent the last few hectic weeks feeling very blessed and I am frequently amazed at the outpouring of generosity to our HEAL Families.  This past month we have watched so many different groups come together to make for a joyous holiday for our moms and their families. Each little piece makes such a big impact because it shows the level of care and concern of a supportive community.

Starting all the way back in the summer Connie Alman and a group of ladies hand made stockings with love for all of the children attending the Holiday Party. 70 stockings were distributed on December 18th. Mike and Marianne Mazzella scheduled a festive party for their friends and family and each of their guests brought 4 dozen cookies that were packaged up for the families to take home to enjoy. BASIS School and National Charity League, Sonoran Centennial Chapter Class of 2011 and 2012, the Mccarville and Kramer families adopted children for our Wish Upon a Star Program. One of last year’s recipients payed it forward by bringing several bags of toys for the kids.

HEAL’s Holiday party was sponsored by NAIOP Developing Leaders, Commercial Real Estate Development Association.  They had gifts for every child in attendance and a gift card for each mom. Additionally, they adopted some of the children for our Holiday outreach and supplied all of the crafts and volunteers for the party.

I arrived a bit late to the party and was overcome with emotion when I walked in and saw the party in full swing.  Families were visiting with each other, kids were playing and making crafts. Hot coco and cider was delivered to our gusts of honor, s’mores were being made and we had a special visit from a very cool, converse wearing Santa. One of our recipients summed this up best:

To everyone at HEAL!!!

My name is Gina and I was able to attend the Holiday party! I wanted to thank you all so very much from the bottom of my heart for making what has been a very unpleasent year end with such joy, love and happiness. I have never attended a party with HEAL before so didn’t really know what to expect. My babies and I had such a wonderful time!! they had a blast making the picture frames, eating cookies and drinking hot chocolate. They also loved making the smores!!! My baby Aaron was at first scared of Santa but by the end took his picture with him and could not stop talking about Santa and how he loves him. Me and my kids had such a wonderful time and we thank you for such a wonderful and fun party! I havn’t even said anything about the gifts yet!!! OMG!!! I thought each of my kids would get a little gift from Santa and I was so happy for that but when I saw the bags of wrapped presents and the huge box (for baby Aaron) I just wanted to cry!!! That was such a blessing!!!! Please, please!!! let the people that adopted my family know how extremely thankful and greatful I am for all that they did to make my babies Christmas so very special!!! I hid most of the gifts and put a few under the tree and they are so excited about those and don’t even know about the hidden ones. Thank you all again so very much for blessing me and my babies with all that you have done and did! We almost didn’t make it out there due to car issues but I am so glad we were able to borrow a car and go to the party. after seeing how much fun it was, it would’ve been sad if they couldn’t have been there to enjoy everything and your Santa helped Aaron with his fear of Santa. He loves Santa now!! LOL!!! It’s great!!  With so much love and gratitude, thank you all soooo much from my family, Gina, Gudelia, Andrew, Gia, Martin & Aaron!!!

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  1. Lauren Daniels says:

    The rammuage sale this past weekrnd went great! So many donations came in and in a 24 hour of time we had drop off, rummage sale and a market day where our HEAL moms could take whatever was left from the sale. We made $1,600 for support programs at the HEALing House, but my very favorite part was seeing how much fun the moms and their families had looking for special treasures that where there.

    I love how HEAL is such a community based organization. There are so many groups that play an important role in the success of the organization. National Charity League, Sonoran Centennial Chapter has been on board with HEAL since the very beginning and frankly I am not sure what we would do without them. All of the teens who come forward with hands on help and food drives from all of the local high schools really warm my heart. It is amazing to see the young people of our community with such a philanthropic spirit!
    Please help us come together to support our moms by attending the HEELS for HEAL Walk, we need sign ups asap to make sure everyone will get a t-shirt. We would also love more tea table hostesses for the Fairytale Tea.
    Feel free to leave a comment, we would love to hear from you!

  2. janet jones says:

    lauren and joan i would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart you helped us so much in our lowest time of need.i have been fighting for my life since 8/2007,breast cancer,i mean fighting,my husband and i have been married for 41 years.we are raising four gradchildren,and for you to bless us in august was a sure miracle.i had just gotten out of the hospital,i wear a colostmy and i had a lot of bleeding so i was hospitalized.i came home to a card with the amount.we had no food.i we thank you forever.god bless you.janet jones

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