HEAL and Miracle Mile Team Up for Backpack Drive

IMG_5319The Miracle Mile Deli in Phoenix has partnered with The Happily Ever After League to insure that children of moms with cancer won’t start school this year without backpacks.

As HEAL supporters know, cancer can cause financial devastation in families. Those troubles can trickle down to the kids, including basic needs. This year, HEAL hopes to provide fifty kids with what they need to get a great start to the school year. The backpack drive runs through July.

Miracle Mile Deli VP Josh Garcia contacted HEAL to see how he could help. Outreach Coordinator Karen Phelps told him of the back to school drive and the HEAL castle of backpacks now sits on the dessert counter at Miracle Mile’s 16th street location. Patrons pick a backpack, make their donation and receive a tax deduction all right there in the deli. Miracle Mile has been a Valley staple for over sixty years and recently opened the new location in Phoenix.

“We are thrilled to have this special help from Miracle Mile and Josh,” says Lauren. “It means so much that our HEAL kids will go to school prepared with backpacks and supplies. It takes one more worry away from our moms.”

Visitors can make a donation at Miracle Mile Deli, 4433 N. 16th St. in Phoenix.

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