Our New HEALing House

It has been a long time coming and after four years of renting the HEALing House we have finally purchased a home of our very own! The programs and outreach at the house are a huge success and provide over 100 services to moms and their families each month.

I am so excited about this growth step for HEAL and not only do we have a larger space to grow our programs and our mortgage payment is actually lower then our rent payment was. This means we will have even more money to put into HEALing House programs!

I am in awe of the number of volunteers and hours that have gone into creating this Habitat for HEAL.  One of our moms said it best in a thank you to us:

“You all have really given me some hope that there is a rainbow at the end of my storm.” – Pam

We look forward to seeing our HEAL families and supporters at our new home!

To see pictures of the new house visit our photo gallery page.

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