Support for Moms

Cancer is never welcome, the good news is HEAL can help.

Cancer is never welcome at any age and having children to care for certainly adds extra challenges to the healing journey.

Apply for Assistance

To apply for assistance a mother should be in active cancer treatment from any type of cancer regardless of being single or married. The mom must have at least one dependent child living at home to receive support from HEAL.

A cancer diagnosis can financially devastate some families and it can become difficult to keep up with the everyday living expenses. Once a mom’s application is accepted, we will send out a gift card. The gift cards* can be used to help pay for:

  • Groceries
  • Gas/Travel
  • Utilities
  • Medical Bills

To apply for assistance, please contact our Patient Navigator at to have an application sent to you. You can also contact us at (480) 275-0613 or email for more information.

Click Here To Apply

Ongoing support is also available through HEAL Programs for newly diagnosed moms.

Please look for emails regarding ongoing support.